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Kenny Bahr

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Kenny Bahr first developed his love for photography whilst living in Aspen, Colorado. Standing at the top of Aspen Mountain one brisk December morning, with the sun shining and two feet of fresh powder underneath his skis, the breathtaking Rocky Mountains surrounding his peripheral, he couldn’t help but decide that he needed to document such an experience to share with his family and friends back in St. Louis, Missouri. A few years longer in Colorado and many more fantastic vistas captured, Kenny decided it was time to hang up the skis and head to Santa Barbara, California, where he could further his pursuit of the great outdoors by taking in the scenery of Southern California and the Santa Ynez mountain range. Living near the Pacific Ocean for another two years tickled Kenny’s fancy for the sea, but his love for the mountains abound and he found himself moving back to Aspen for a few months before meeting his soulmate, Lindsay (Mason) Bahr.

Closeness to their Midwestern roots convinced them to move back to St. Louis to purchase a home and start a family, with Tatman arriving a year after tying the knot. Watching Tatman grow up further solidified Kenny’s interest in capturing these most precious years, where he could keep his family from the shores of Maine to the desserts of Arizona abreast of their first child’s developmental years. Having grown up in St. Louis himself, Kenny knew the inner workings of this city he’d come to love, in his free time photographing the historic nature of the downtown city and the various events throughout the year, along with the numerous occurrences in the suburbs, where he currently resides.

Kenny continues to capture life, utilizing years of experience and the latest in digital equipment and editing methods and looks forward to working closely with his clients to ensure that their loved ones and special events are forever amassed in the family archives.



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